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Two girls, one piano. Warning: Awesome.

Oh wow these girls are brilliant.

These girls: 1
Tom Hanks: 0

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor | Johann Sebastian Bach.

I wonder how long it took to practice this shit


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[ Did I ever tell you how much I want to marry Jude Law’s voice. ]

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A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part.
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get to know me | 6 animated movies

Rise of the Guardians (2012)

     My name is Jack Frost. And I’m a Guardian. How do I know that? Because the moon told me so. So when the moon tells you something, believe it.

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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
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So my name is Joey White and I’m a very pasty pale British white guy at uni overseas. So I was introducing myself and this guy from Nigeria goes “Hi, I’m Joseph” so I said, “I’m a Joseph too! Joseph White.” Then he looked me in the eye and said in a dead serious tone “I’m Joseph Brown” and we nearly died.

oh dear god

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Good artists under the control of bad fans do bad things…

So, this is based on avannak's dreadful drabble (wonderfully written but SOUL-CRUSHING drabble) about what would have happened if Stoick didn’t get there in time… a.k.a. the dead!Hiccup AU, something I did my best to avoid until now.

Just FYI, the filename for this drawing is “deadhiccupauFUCKINGHELL.jpg”

Hiccup’s stupid peg leg is caught up in the strap of his stupid boot why did I even think about that detail I can’t

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I know you wrote about stoick not making it to hiccup but maybe you could follow up on what happened afterwards maybe he left astrid a parting "gift"
lilmccoy lilmccoy Said:


Part I

It wasn’t until a week after the funeral, when she was back on a recovering Berk, and Drago was defeated by a furious Toothless, and Stoick, and Berk and herself (absolutely, herself).  It wasn’t until days after the unanticipated screaming fit she threw, and after her throat finally cleared and her breathing eased and her eyes were no longer in that uncomfortable too-dry/too-wet state, that Astrid smelled it.

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Some authors could really use a “plot twist limit” or a “you’ve killed too many characters already” notification you know

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My anaconda will consider it

My anaconda has, upon review of the information presented with it’s partners, decided that it, in fact, does not. My anaconda apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks you for your time.


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I want people to pay attention to me and comfort me when I need it, yet I can never make myself open up or accept comfort. All I want is a hug or to snuggle with someone and tell them everything, but I never can bring myself to do it for fear of them betraying me.

And never once has any one of my friends or family members asked what’s going on or offered me any form of comfort. They seem to have gotten used to me shutting myself away that they won’t try comforting me again; thus reinforcing my thinking of keeping to myself.